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BREXIT in your backyard - Is your data Adequate?

Five weeks from now we will be preparing to start the business week having left the European Union or gone into political meltdown (if any more of that was possible).

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Avonbourne 6th Form & Vissensa Collaborate to Ensure Students Acquire Skills for the Future

On Tuesday 18th July 2017, four students from Year 12 swapped lessons in college for the opportunity to visit the Datum datacentre in Cody Technology Park, Farnborough.

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Amazon Web Service S3 Outage – An Own Goal or User Wakeup Call?

The outage of Amazon Web Service S3 service in their US-EAST-1 region at the end of February not only caused a massive impact on its clients but threw up a twitter, blog and press storm as to the implications of how users view placing all their...

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Houston we have a cyber problem!

I’m a big space fan, and in my era man went to the moon on Apollo – but as the film Apollo 13 reveals, only one moon-shot after Buzz and Neil kicked the dirt around 247,000 miles from home Americans were already bored of the coverage.

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Microsoft’s  Global Good Cloud – A Brave New World?

What happens when one of the giant vendors in our industry turns visionary? Well with the release of Microsoft’s “A Cloud for Global Good” policy positioning document I think we are at the start of finding out.

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Up in the Clouds – The Full Service vs Budget Airline Model

I don’t know about you but I am not that enamoured with the budget airline concept of providing you transport from A to B but where B isn’t as a convenient stopping point as you might have thought and the journey is potentially more expensive than...

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