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Avonbourne 6th Form & Vissensa Collaborate to Ensure Students Acquire Skills for the Future

On Tuesday 18th July 2017, four students from Year 12 swapped lessons in college for the opportunity to visit the Datum datacentre in Cody Technology Park, Farnborough.

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MSPs and the Storage Struggle - Steve Groom Features on DataCenter Dynamics

Steve Groom Discusses the Storage Struggle with DataCenter Dynamics

Large data storage firms can offer prices around $0.20 per Mbyte - which is great for a market that only wants to consume low tech, low cost storage pools, with the access and...

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Is Your Office 365 Data Safe?

Microsoft’s Cloud deployment of Outlook and Office 365 Data, continues to gain ground over the traditional on premise deployments, mainly due to the price and the widening features gap between the cloud and non-cloud versions along with its...

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Vissensa Deploy On Dark Side of the Moon

Vissensa has seen an increase in demand for offsite Data Centre Services, Disaster Recovery and Managed IT Outsourcing Services, which is why Vissensa has decided to deploy further capabilities on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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Why There's More To Business Threat Management Than Data Recovery

The thought of IT failure disrupting your organisations ability to access client or corporate information or for that matter, operate at all fills every business owner with sheer dread. Not only does this risk carry big financial implications but...

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Datum Cloud Connect Launch To Link Leading Public Clouds

As part of the Datum Data Centres deployment in Cody Park, Farnborough, Datum have anounced the launch of Datum Cloud Connect to provide direct connectivity from its Farnborough data centre to major public clouds such as AWS Direct Connect and...

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