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The View of Simon Porter on Hybrid Cloud and the IoT

Many of the companies I meet and work with have invested a huge amount of time and money ensuring their businesses are at the top of their game in terms of IT provision and are best placed to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Internet of...

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Hybrid Cloud - Yes, No or Maybe?

Here’s a question for you all - you have your own IT equipment in either a datacentre or your own premises and you need to expand your IT capabilities to service a new business requirement. Your current equipment is nearly at end of life and you...

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Vissensa Deploy On Dark Side of the Moon

Vissensa has seen an increase in demand for offsite Data Centre Services, Disaster Recovery and Managed IT Outsourcing Services, which is why Vissensa has decided to deploy further capabilities on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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Can MSP’s help Boards of Directors quantify cost v risk of ignoring Business Continuity Services?

Dave Shearmon’s blog “How should a Board of Directors and their advisors view Cybercrime Risk opened up the discussion about how cybercrime and Business Continuity is viewed in the boardroom, and he should know, he is talking to boards and...

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How should a Board of Directors and their advisors view Cybercrime Risk?

When it comes to Cybercrime Risk and hacking, many Board members and their advisors find it difficult to relate to. Often the subject appears to be complex, and probably not relevant to their company;  this coupled with other factors of little known...

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Why There's More To Business Threat Management Than Data Recovery

The thought of IT failure disrupting your organisations ability to access client or corporate information or for that matter, operate at all fills every business owner with sheer dread. Not only does this risk carry big financial implications but...

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