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Communicate, Connect and Collaborate – London Tech Week

Attending events is always an expensive pastime, so the visit to the Equinix, ‘Innovation through Interconnection’ London Tech Week event at Codenode was highly anticipated as an event where you can pick up new ideas and interesting trends. It...

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Hot Choices from An IT Menu Jam packed with Flavour

This week is the London Technology Week event and Vissensa will be there on the 22nd with Equinix, one of our strategic data centre and connectivity partners. Looking at the packed agenda, I am really looking forward to hearing what Nuno Godinho, GM...

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The Silver Bullet of Security?

Every day we hear a story about another breach in a company’s security and that sensitive or personal data has been leaked or hacked. We are reminded or forced to change our passwords on a regular basis, and to ensure that they conform to an ever...

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“Sorry Sir, The Dog Ate My WIFI Router!” The Only Excuse for That Missing Homework

According to research by Gartner there will be around 21 billion technology devices connected to the internet by 2020, three times the total estimated global population by that time.  Any parent with a teenager will have no problem accepting this...

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Hybrid Cloud Meets IoT by Vissensa's CEO, Steve Groom

Recently I attended a really great event at Ordinance Survey in Southampton which was being run as part of ECSArrows #ArrowTESA IoT series of events. One of the stand out sessions was given by Dr Phil Tetlow of IBM, who if you haven’t seen it before...

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The View of Simon Porter on Hybrid Cloud and the IoT

Many of the companies I meet and work with have invested a huge amount of time and money ensuring their businesses are at the top of their game in terms of IT provision and are best placed to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Internet of...

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