Vissensa Deploy On Dark Side of the Moon


Vissensa has seen an increase in demand for offsite Data Centre Services, Disaster Recovery and Managed IT Outsourcing Services, which is why Vissensa has decided to deploy further capabilities on the Dark Side of the Moon.

By doing this, Vissensa believes they will be able to take advantage of the significantly low air temperatures which dip to minus 153 C at certain points in the year.  It also believes it will be able to reduce the power costs dramatically by converting the abundance of solar wind and galactic cosmic rays which bombard the moon’s surface.

This will provide Vissensa with a completely revolutionary free air cooling infrastructure, as well as solar wind and cosmic ray capabilities putting the company at the forefront of the energy efficiency scale.

One of the other design factors that made Vissensa decide to deploy on the moon is that it is also provides a highly secure environment for customers with concerns around data protection. The moon isn’t owned by anyone in particular so data sovereignty laws do not exist, which was another major factor towards making the decision.

Distance between the Moon and Earth is only a mere 400,000km which is why Vissensa feels that by expanding to the Moon they can offer unrivalled Backup and Disaster Recovery services overcoming data centre separation requirements that is becoming apparent. This also allows Vissensa to continue to provide services from the existing Equinix Slough and Datum Farnborough deployments, with the added benefit of backing services offsite nearly 400,000km’s away.

Steve Groom, CEO released a statement “Vissensa has taken literally one small step for an IT service provider, but one giant leap for the IT industry. Even though I might have to put on a few more layers all year round, we thought it was a step in the right direction to ensure the highest levels of security for our customers.”

As you probably are aware this is an April Fools Day Post, however Vissensa is always looking to find innovative ways to accommodate all types of projects whilst ensuring customer uptime and high security levels.

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