IP-MAX Switzerland Partner With Vissensa

IP-Max Switzerland Network Services Logo

IP-Max, a Geneva based IP Services Company, and Vissensa have agreed to collaborate to provide mutual customers with joint services, enabling the reach and scope of solutions to be extended by both companies.

Steve Groom, of Vissensa said “working with IP Max is delivering a new range of capabilities that would be much further away from being a reality if we had not agreed to this close level of collaboration. He added “for example Vissensa is able to provision into IP-Max Swiss data centres using IP-Max’s established and existing interconnects.

Frederic Gargula of IP Max remarked  “We are excited by the opportunities that working together present, and are already working well together in delivering solutions to our mutual clients”. “Vissensa’s data centre and managed services capabilities are well regarded in the market and we foresee a bright future in working together” he added.

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