Oporto Delta Selects Vissensa and Equinix For Its London Operations

Oporto Delta selects Vissensa and Equinix for its London operations.

Oporto Delta is a financial trading company based in Tel Aviv Israel focused on trading financial instruments on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange through the development of proprietary, automated trading algorithms and strategies.

To further develop the business and to reach the international financial markets, Oporto Delta selected the interconnect facilities at Equinix (LD4) via fiber X-connects to establish links with the company's trading counterparties in London.

Avi Shaposhnik, Head of Business Development for Oporto Delta said “A critical part of this development was the ability to find a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that could provision, install and manage the hardware we required for our services. Vissensa came highly recommended”.

“After working with us on identifying our needs, Vissensa provisioned and installed the equipment in Equinix LD4 and supplied our internet connectivity. They continue to manage the X-connectivity with our trading counterparties as part of our ongoing relationship.” He added.

Shaposhnik commented “With the help from the Vissensa team, we were able to identify and execute our exact technological needs. After comparing a few options, Vissensa’s professional and flexible solution was the best – both from the technology and the price prospective."

“To top all that, we feel that we must underline how quickly we were able to develop a great working relationship with Vissensa and establish a high level of trust with the team which simplified the provisioning of our service. We truly feel that we have a partner and a friend in our journey." he added.

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